Thursday, August 16, 2012

New Hair

New hair ideas for vloggers can be tricky. Considering that your image is what pays the bills, it's hard to really step-out and do anything crazy. Especially when those same images are collected across the internet and archived for years and years. Search engines will find those images and sometimes associate them with certain words that people search for.

So when choosing a new hairstyle, a vlogger will need to take all of that into account, unless some unfortunate event should force upon them a haircut beyond their control. But when we're talking about "new hair" you really need to focus your efforts on the "new" aspect of your hair. Because if you don't stay fresh and current, you could very well lose viewership. So the style of hair should represent your community. Hair equals views. You can't deny it. It's proven by science fool.

When latching upon a trend, pay attention to whether it fits with who you are. If you normally wear your hair parted to the side and combed-down to your scalp, it probably won't go over well when you decide to bleach it blonde and spike it up. The cut and color should be something current, yet still within your capabilities. Picking a new hairdo isn't an easy task. That's why you come to the experts to help you out. We know what's coming down the hair trends pipe. It isn't the bob. It's not the crew cut. The bowl cut needs to stay off anyone's head for at least another 20 years. If any hair stylist out there even thinks about a bowl cut...

So keep "New Hair Ideas For Everyone" bookmarked and we'll get that mop on top of your head sorted.

New Hair
Hey Charles, remember when this was your "new hair"?


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