Monday, August 13, 2012

Going To Your Stylist

I think everyone comes to a point where you've worked-over the same hairstyle for three-dozen months in a row and you're racking your brain a day (or maybe an hour) before your appointment trying to come up with the courage and an idea for your new hair direction. Shhh. It's ok. No tears, only dreams now.

The key is to start looking for a new hairstyle right after you get your haircut. That's correct. As soon as you walk out of your stylist's shop, shamed that you're still using your old style as a crutch, walk right into Wal-Mart and pick up every hair mag that you see. Get pissed off at your old, lame hairstyle, and from then-on work day and night to find a replacement. But you have to let the hate flow through you, otherwise a month will pass and you'll walk out of your next appointment with the same looking head again. Next thing you know, 10 years will have passed and you'll still have the same cut that was played-out 25 years ago.

Luckily for you, we're in this together. We like to see people with new hairstyles. That's why we're called "New Hair Ideas For Everyone".

We're here to help.

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